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Molecular analyses of selected microbial cell factories combined with the development of novel analytical tools form the basis for an in depth understanding of microbial cells and single enzyme catalysts. From this knowledge new bioprocesses are being developed, focusing on the transformation of renewable carbon sources into value-added products. State of the art research in microbial biotechnology requires extensive technical platforms for cultivation, analytics and data processing. The JMPC operated by IBG-1 integrates these technical facilities together with a management structure which makes it easy to maintain, access and allocate our resources and to conserve jülich single extensive know-how accumulated over many years.

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ASAP nano letters The three-dimensional reconstruction of nested molybdenum disulfide nanooctahedra is achieved by the combination of low voltage operation of the electron microscope with aberration-corrected phase contrast imaging. Control over shape, size, and atomic architecture is a key issue in synthesis and design of functional nanoparticles. Transmission electron microscopy TEM is the primary technique to characterize materials down to the atomic level, albeit the images are two-dimensional projections of the studied objects.

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They cover almost all thematic areas of bioeconomy but differ in size of the consortia and duration, in scope and aim as well jülich single in the instruments under which they were implemented. The majority of these initiatives consider the entire EU in order to foster the European cohesion and, thereby, somewhat disregard regional specificities e. Therefore, three research funders from Finland, Norway and Germany have decided to jointly implement a bioeconomy funding initiative relevant for the Northern part of Europe. They are aware that the three countries share analogue challenges and similar assets with regard to climate, vegetation patterns, industry structure and cultural aspects.