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Recent Builds FSOpen 3. Ten-Four good buddy 3. This is also known as the SDL2-everywhere release. Major feature breakdown in the thread. FSOpen 3.
freespace 2 patch 1.2

Freespace 2 Source Code Project

Recent Builds FSOpen 3. Ten-Four good buddy 3. This is also known as the SDL2-everywhere release. Major feature breakdown in the thread. FSOpen 3. Many bugs have been fixed. See the thread for more details. I hope it was worth the wait, many of the serious issues with the new pilot file system have been fixed as well as some other new features, for players and modders alike.

FreeSpace Installer v2. No more need for fussing around with manual installations! We’ve really released 3. Now we’ll be able to get past our code freeze and start stabilizing some of the other really cool features we’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy your new pilot file system! Should be slightly less likely to eat pilot files. It might still eat pilots, but we think we’ve got most of the kinks worked out. Still, you’ve been warned. Please test! I present to you 3. Several other bugs have been fixed since 3.

This build is the result of some serious bugsquashing by the team. The next few months will see us merging the new pilot code into trunk, stabilizing that, and also adding in some other new goodies. We’re working to release a follow-up stable release in a much shorter timeframe.

The downside is it won’t likely have the new pilot code, but the upside is that it should be Diaspora -compatible and out soon. This means we need bug finders to test the latest released RC listed in the SCP forum and report bugs on Mantis , which I’ve recently updated. Welcome PC Gamer readers!

It got even better when he had nothing but good things to say about our beloved FreeSpace 2, and also the efforts put into it by the modding community over the last decade to keep it fresh and enjoyable. Granted, I had no heads up this was going out until it hit my mailbox, so all I can say for now is, “excuse me, sorry the house is such a mess. Seriously though, we have had some hosting issues recently and we’ll be doing our best to keep the FSO Installer running as the preferred installation method.

This is thanks to a recent overhaul of some code bottlenecks by Taylor. There’s still plenty of room for performance boosts in the code though, and we’ll be attempting to hunt down and perform more optimizations on existing code bottlenecks like this in the future. The nightly builds have had this code in them for a little over a week now. Recent Nightly Builds have these optimizations in place.

Also, Swifty’s HUD code is now undergoing testing in the Antipodes branch our proving ground for large code changes before they hit trunk. Check out the Test Builds forum for the Antipodes 7 post.

There have also been several releases and re-releases of campaigns and mods, check the HLP site announcements for more info. First up, probably the most anticipated code in the last five years, is taylor’s pilot file rewrite. It will also allow things like new key binds, so mods can start having in-engine support for completely new player controlled behaviors. Next up is Swifty’s HUD rewrite. He has managed to turn the HUD code inside out, allowing full customization of almost any gauge, creation of new gauges, proper aspect correction for widescreen monitors, custom gauge placement, colors, etc, you name it you’ll probably be able to do it.

The wxLauncher is a new launcher, designed to be cross-platform capable from day one, and just as capable as the current windows launcher with its first major releaese. For version 2. Taylor seems to have figured out how to get the haptic support in SDL 1.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of testers yet, but if you are interested in testing this and need a build, please contact me. As promised, 3. Once you have FreeSpace 2 and the 3. Then I’d install the FreeSpace Port 3. Be sure to grab the remake of the Silent Threat campaign, Silent Threat: Reborn , and give that a go after playing FreeSpace Port.

When you’re done with that, you’re in for a real treat. Many non-canon campaigns have been set in the FS2 universe and are worth playing, but the one that most recently stands out is Blue Planet: War in Heaven Part 1. These five campaigns comprise some of the best gaming goodness FSO has to offer. More campaigns will be tested for 3. It’s likely many are not in need of any changes to be played with 3. One of my personal favorites is Transcend. Be on the lookup for the next releases of campaigns like the Terran Vasudan War Project , and the next version of FSPort which will include a fully playable Operation Templar!

Updated 3. I’d also like to use this space to publicly announce a leadership change. Made official on June 22, I will be heading SCP development, taking some of the administrative load off of Goober There’s a very nice article on the gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun which favorably compares FreeSpace 2 under the FreeSpace Open engine with StarCraft 2 , another great game from the same time period.

Word has it that a dedicated FreeSpace article will soon be on the way. Along with the 3. Check it out! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a website rather than a links page.

Many thanks to Pyro MX, who came up with the site design for the new website. For those of you just joining us via Google, here’s a brief introduction. The Source Code Project was started in , when Volition released the source code to the game known as “FreeSpace 2”.

This virtually unknown game consistently won awards for being a great action space sim, but never really caught on when it was released. The Source Code Project has worked, and continues to work, on improving the graphics and gameplay of this ten-year-old game.

There’s also a number of campaigns both for these mods and the original game’s storyline. Finally, the forums tend to be the most active part of the project. So if you don’t see any newsposts for awhile, check out the forums and skim some of the recent threads or recent builds to get a feel of what’s going on.

External Links

Nov 2 Patch. This is Novachen’s upgraded version of the Into the Halls of Valhalla Campaign for FreeSpace2 in Version Nova. This is the manual. The SWAT Portal is the best source for Scifi Games on the net. We support games like Starlancer, Freelancer, Freespace, Wing Commander, Star Trek Online. The FreeSpace Open Installer is the easiest way to install FreeSpace Open, an If you do not have a FreeSpace 2 installed, the Installer will offer to do it for you.

Installing FS2_Open

Configuring the Launcher. Possibly the worst position to be coming at this from. First thing to do is to check that your FS2 install is in a suitable place to follow the rest of this guide. If your Freespace2 folder is on a path that contains a space or a hyphen in it like C: If you have installed any mods you need to stop now and remove them right now.

I’ve just installed FS2 and I want to install FS2_Open.

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Nov 2 Patch. This is Novachen’s upgraded version of the Into the Halls of Valhalla Campaign for FreeSpace2 in Version Nova. This is the manual. Patch was considered a hotfix for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and was It ended up including all the prior patches (Patch , Patch , and Patch in updater when free space on system drive is insufficient – message has been . FSOpen Final Now Available!chief, /04/23 . to the we are currently using, and also set up the FSO code to utilize it.

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