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jet audio 5

JetAudio 8.1.5 Free Download

Last updated by George. J on January – Installation procedure is not really straightforward like other media players. Like many softwares of today, the installer asks, whether you want to install Ask toolbar, you may deselect it. You may select the option to add a shortcut on desktop. You can change the configuration anytime. The installation also registered DirectShow splitters, audio encoders, video decoders, audio stream switchers on the system for playback, against my interest.

Jet Audio 5

Starting from top, the leftmost pane gives you access to all the menu options for playback and preferences. Also the you could bookmark the video at the specific time by clicking the ‘playing time’ displayed and the capture button on the right, to save the screenshot. The properties toggle once you insert a DVD. Finally, a dropdown arrow towards the very bottom, not very noticeable, for configuring subtitle, screensize, playback options and color controls.

All in all, a very intuitive interface but difficult to get used to. There are a handy number of skins available. Features JADBasic is a very good, solid featured packed media player, that comes with a lot of goodies, to provide the best multimedia experience. Played all the video formats, I threw against it without a hassle. The quality of the video is awesome. The player provides 3 different renderers, very basic A-B repeat and DirectX video accerelation.

Also you can set the color controls as well as provide video effects to sharpen or denoise. You can make instant video capture with capture button. JetAudio has powerful subtitle configuration capabilities by pre-buffering and you can fix various positions, transparency, shadowing, colors, font’s, delay and switching multiple languages. The audio quality is average, but which can be enhanced by sound effect filters and also provides audio stream switching.

It plays best on speakers. There are different equalizers and presets available. Feature packed: When I meant feature packed, I really meant it. There is a timer and clock available which comes in handy when you nap while watching videos or hear songs. And lot’s more! Verdict Since this section is all about multimedia players, tested mainly against video files, this review may not be enough for you to know the diverse functions that JetAudio Basic is capable of, including music management capabilties providing a rich, fun and engaging experience.

JetAudio 8.1.5 Free Download

What’s New in jetAudio Bug fix of jetAudio. – -, There was a bug when printing multiple albums. JetAudio is integrated multimedia software made up of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has. Get Complete listing ›› · jetAudio ( MB) · JetAudio ( MB) JetAudio ( MB) · JetAudio ( MB) · JetAudio.

JetAudio, Inc

It’s available as a free media player for Windows under the name of JetAudio Basic. It’s anything but basic, though. In addition to being a stylish and capable player that can handle most file types, JetAudio Basic includes audio and video converters, audio CD burning and ripping, sound recording, skins, Internet broadcasting via JetCast, and other fun and useful JetToys.

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Recording Record from differing analog sources such as Line-In input or microphone. You can create digital audio files from your old tapes or LPs.

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JetAudio is the software component of Cowon’s media players and 5 star. ; 4 star. ; 3 star. ; 2 star. ; 1 star. Reviews. What’s New in jetAudio Support COWON A3, iAUDIO U5 players. Fixed seek problem for some FLAC. JetAudio, free and safe download. JetAudio latest version: Much more than just a music player.

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Jet Audio 5

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