Real Player Video Capture

Video but no audio or Real Player problem

In fact, you can use the free application to record Web video. RealPlayer Downloader is an Web browser plug-in that can grab the source files behind streaming media and save them to your computer. Although RealPlayer comes bundled with RealPlayer Downloader, you will need to manually activate the Internet browser plug-in before you can take advantage of its capability.
real player video capture

How to Use Real Player to Record Video Easily

Play the video and then copy the video link from the browser address bar. From there you will see a list of all video downloaded. Find the name of the video. Using your mouse double click the file name.

Real Player Video Capture

Then it will be played by the built-in player. There is actually another way to download videos using this tool.

What the program does is detect and download the video automatically while it plays. By using the built-in browser you can directly search for the video-sharing site. Then just sit back watch while the tool do all the job for you.

Limitless when it comes to website supported Features are more advanced It is an all in one tool. So, if you are looking for a Real Downloader alternative, SaveFrom can be a good online option. Downloading videos is extremely simple. You just need to open this site in a new tab while browsing for the videos as you usually do and follow the process below: Next, go to the official website of SaveFrom by clicking the link here. Paste it into the text box and click the blue icon to continue.

You will then be presented with the available downloading options. Select the format you need and click Download. Compared to Real Downloader Savefrom: Is more practical to use It is for free without limitation Its a free web-based app Easier to use Browser Plugin Alternative — Video Download Helper If you are not interested in copying and pasting the URL, then you can go for this browser plugin which is named as Video Download Helper.

You will not get an easier way of downloading videos. What you need to do is simply installing the plugin on your web browser. However, you need to choose the Video Download Helper version that is supported on your browser. Just keep on browsing the web and video streaming websites as regular. Navigate to find the video you want to download and play it. The plug-in will detect the video and display a list of videos and also a download button will appear on the top right corner of the window.

Decide which file format and video quality you want to download. Then click the video, it will then give you several options to download. You can choose to do a quick download, download on your PC and more. Compared to Real DownloaderHelper Is easier to access since it is incorporated in the brower It detects video faster More options for download formats and quality Distill Video Distill Video is an online video downloader that works on different type of browsers.

This is a browser and internet downloading software dependent so make sure you have a stable internet connection. This tool can provide several video format options to download. Most of these formats are the ones that are commonly used. Aside from that, you can also extract audios out of a video. It acts like a downloader and a converter at the same time. It is very convenient and easy to use. Even a first time user can use the tool without any difficulty.

Simply use the Video URL to obtain the video. To see how it works, see the following steps below. How to Use Distill Video Go to any video sharing site and copy the link of the video. In this sample we will copy one from Youtube. Navigate to the official page of the program and start downloading videos. Paste the video link to the URL field then wait until the video is detected. Compared to Real Downloader, Distill Video is: It works similarly with the previous tools mentioned. It can download any video only by using links.

It is one of the safest downloaders that you can make use of. The interface is greatly simple that makes it extremely easy to use. The tool supports more than sites to download videos. To get started with Qdownload check the following steps below. How to Use Qdownloader First make sure your internet is stable. Next visit the official website of Qdownloader by clicking this link.

Open your favorite video streaming site, and copy the link of the video you want to download. Then, on the URL field paste the video link copied from the clipboard. After a few seconds it will show you several formats available to download. Decide which file to download then get it by hovering your mouse to the download button beside the file format chosen.

Compared to Real Downloader, QDownloader is: Just get a free trial and enjoy your videos! And if you have any better solution to replace Real Downloader to download online videos, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Part 1. How to Record Video Easily with Real Player Alternative

RealPlayer is not limited to simply opening audio and video tracks. In fact, you can use the Click the “Download & Recording” tab under the “Category” pane. Using RealPlayer’s video downloader software, you can download your favorite free online videos from hundreds of web sites. It plays the types. With Real Player video recorder, you can capture videos from a website and save them to your computer. Here is how to use Real Player to record video.

Real Downloader Alternatives to Download Videos

Play the video and then copy the video link from the browser address bar. From there you will see a list of all video downloaded. Find the name of the video. Using your mouse double click the file name.

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I’m not sure where the problem is so I’m posting here, real player and microsoft. However, I just used well three days ago, but I’ve been trying to figure out the problem for the last three video capture.

WATCH: How to Record a Web Video with RealPlayer | It Still Works

RealPlayer Cloud gives you everything you need to create your own video cloud Many users have also noted that the built-in video capture software isn’t that. A complete review for RealPlayer Downloader for all video fanatics such as video converter, screen recorder, and video to mp3 function. You will see the YouTube page in RealPlayer and it will allows you to video then just click on the download link tour download will be start.

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Real Player Video Capture

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