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Who or what encouraged your entrepreneurial spirit? We started win. For me it was a logical continuation of my career which had began as a coach and manager at a small basketball club in Germany. I had been actively promoting our club and already at the age of 17 I was actively doing all classical work in marketing and PR. After finishing school which is 13 years in Germany plus an extra year in USA and the mandatory military or civil service I did a two year training to become a banker.
winrar crack german

Interview with Burak Canboy, CEO of WinRAR

Who or what encouraged your entrepreneurial spirit? We started win. For me it was a logical continuation of my career which had began as a coach and manager at a small basketball club in Germany. I had been actively promoting our club and already at the age of 17 I was actively doing all classical work in marketing and PR.

Winrar Crack German

After finishing school which is 13 years in Germany plus an extra year in USA and the mandatory military or civil service I did a two year training to become a banker. That makes a total education of 17 years. Following banking I worked part-time in a company that was consulting banks on IT projects and then I moved into a company that was a local internet service provider ISP and Software Development company.

I thought that it would be wrong to engage in a business which would be in direct competition to my former employer and so we tried to build an international business around WinRAR aimed at consulting Ron Dwight on how to improve WinRAR, the distribution network and the brand of the product. It was intended to generate us a little side income until the end of university. We basically had two underlying ideas for starting our own company rather than just acting as employees or contractors: A We wanted to have an official business structure with a GmbH which is German for limited liability company.

We were able to convince my father to loan the money and agreed internally not to touch the money except for paying the expenses related to registering a company. B We wanted to prepare a future brand-transfer by putting a well recognized name on our business that everybody would know and which would give us credibility in the future in case we would move away from WinRAR.

So I asked Ron Dwight if he would allow us to call the company win. He agreed with a sentence I never forgot: We did not have much to lose and we had a feeling that if we did our job well for a couple of years until we are done with our studies and could commit full-time , we could convince Ron to retire and have us continue the business for him.

So to sum it up, we were young and went for an opportunity that we believed was going to fund our expenses while going to school and we felt we had an opportunity to create our own work-place when done. The costs and risks seemed very low compared to the outlook it gave us. Was anyone mentoring you at the very beginning of your career?

It depends on when you define the beginning of my career. Prior to starting with win. It was an incredible schooling or mentoring experience in all areas of business. Before I was very lucky to have very good teachers when going to school. Especially in Mathematics I was always challenged by a long line of great teachers.

The same is true for my language teachers. It was only much later that I realized how valuable the lessons were that I was taught in school. After the training and before starting with WinRAR I was lucky to have Andreas Messer teach me the tricks of the trade in the consulting business.

Then during the founding period I was lucky to consider Ron Dwight as a mentor. He was always happy to answer any questions I had. However after he passed away I did not have additional help except from our peers. What was the initial idea of win. Was it difficult for it to make a success? In addition to the above, the basic instrument to build was a multi-lingual website.

Since at that time I more or less spoke five languages, we built a simple site in English, German, Turkish, French and Spanish. I had managed to buy www. A couple of days after we had put the website online, we already received a fax with the first order. The next day the second fax came in. It felt like we had struck a mine on the first try, but what followed was more than anything we had imagined. What was going on with your job after Ron Dwight passed away?

Things happened extremely fast around Easter in This is just weeks after starting the company on Ron passed away hours after explaining to me how we need to operate his platform in order to create license keys for the first two orders we had received.

So basically we had only successfully created a single user license and one multi-user license when our entire business structure faced potentially becoming obsolete.

We had no idea who would follow Ron. We had no idea if that person or organisation would respect the agreements we had made with Ron, some of which had been verbal. We had no idea how we would be able to provide the product to our customers if his platform should stop working. So basically I was not only very sad about having lost a respected business partner and mentor but I was also afraid that everything we had built could become obsolete. So we made a decision to deviate from our plan to not touch any of the money and instead use whatever we need to fly to the funeral, talk to the family and find out if there is any opportunity to continue our business.

We had a head-start over anybody else including the developers around WinRAR because -as I only found out later- I was the person most involved with Ron. So after booking the flight I asked some former colleagues for an emergency meeting and we mapped out a concept based on the limited knowledge we had.

We agreed that they would try to develop a system to handle orders while I talk to the family and we would offer them to continue the business. However the family was not interested in getting involved. I quickly realized that I could not go on with school, but the healthy business we had been able to quickly create from almost nothing in just a few weeks allowed us to pay back my father and was so much more interesting than school that it was fun to spend around hours per week on building win.

Does WinRAR make life easier? I absolutely believe so. It was one of the reasons we got involved with it. We feel that it is a useful tool for people who either have limited bandwidth or limited storage. While today such restrictions are no longer the main reason for use of WinRAR, we still offer the most convenient way of sharing files and folders and enhance that service with safe encryption, repair functions and other features that allow ease of use when it comes to archiving your data.

Surely there are thousands of ways today to handle data, but if you are concerned about privacy and reliability, we feel confident to say that there is still no better way than using WinRAR to maintain your own data on your own system. There are a lot of jokes online about the WinRAR never ending trial period. What is your favorite joke about WinRAR?

Do you have your own? Actually there are so many, it is hard to only chose one. Here is a selection: Our own jokes do not come close to these I think. But we would like to ask the community of crackers: The trial period never ends…thank you very much for the free marketing you gave us.

We will be forever grateful! How did that make life different for you? Would you ever scale up? That is a tough one to answer. It will surely depend on the project.

Having only few people around you has a lot of advantages. The biggest maybe is having to constantly prioritize and focus on the immediate needs. It keeps the management and the company very centered. But we believe that just employing people for the sake of growing is not the way.

We like to see it the other way. Do things manually first but then immediately decide if it is possible to cut repetitions and program to make things easier. If it makes money and there is a good chance it will make more money, when more people are involved then go for it. But if it already makes money, it is also easy to find partners that can come into a win-win situation.

We chose to allow partners to come in and have a piece of the pie if it allows us to earn just a little more while having minimum effort. During the few semesters I studied, I was able to understand the holy grail of business: It is a very hard task, but we are coming close. What is the current situation with your company?

Within the 15 years of business we have managed to navigate through some heavy weather. Then we had to cope with the global financial crisis which heavily hurt our business.

Some of our markets and business partners have until today not recovered from it. Now we are facing a global change towards cloud computing, Software as a Service SaaS , mobile computing and a wide-spread expectancy that everything on the Internet should be free.

So we are doing what we have always been doing: Which were your best moves during your business journey? I am sure you will be able to identify them easily when carefully reading this interview. Which have been your biggest professional mistakes and what have you learned from them?

Well, I must say that the way we started business was not allowing to make mistakes. Everything went extremely fast and for some reason we managed to make pretty much everything right.

The mistakes only began when we had the luxury to think about what to do aside from WinRAR. So I would say that the biggest mistake was having rushed into investments into start-ups because we felt we are missing out on future opportunities instead of building more products ourselves or instead of taking due time and research on the businesses we got invested in.

So I can say that we have learned to be much more patient and much more careful when it comes to investing into ideas and businesses. Before moving to Split, you lived in Shanghai for some time. Tell us a bit about the experience of living in China.

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