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XMind 8 is an integrated open-source platform that combines idea management and idea-mapping into a single software solution. This award-winning idea management software solution allows users to easily integrate it into their products, place data securely into XMind Files, or create your very own mind mapping application. This idea management and idea-mapping software solution provides developers with a clean and intuitive interface coupled with easy-to-use templates and features for mapping ideas. Its Mind Map structure options give users the flexibility they need to view their tasks and other details of their ideas in their preferred look:
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Around ten years ago, I discovered mind maps and realized how useful they are when planning and brainstorming. I started with the open source app FreeMind , one of the only apps available at the time. I also found mind mapping on paper to be a quick way to get started on a new article or project.

Now I use mind mapping software on both my Mac and iPad. On the Mac, I like to get my ideas down quickly using the keyboard, and use the mouse to move ideas around and create some structure. Using mind maps on the iPad is a more tactile experience, and works well, though adding thoughts can be slower. What Is XMind: XMind is an award-winning mind mapping application available for Mac and Windows.

Mobile apps are also available for iOS and Android. Why Use Mind Maps? A mind map is a diagram with the central idea in the middle, and related ideas radiating out like a tree. Is XMind: ZEN Safe? Yes, it is safe to use. I ran and installed XMind: A scan using Bitdefender found no viruses or malicious code.

ZEN Free? No, you need to pay a subscription to use the app, but a free, feature-limited trial is available so you can evaluate it. Educational discounts are available. Read our full Setapp review here.

What Is the Difference between XMind: Zen and XMind 8 Pro? ZEN is a new version of the app written from scratch. While older versions used Eclipse as a platform which is based on Java, making it easy to create cross-platform apps , ZEN runs natively on Windows and macOS and makes use of a new graphics engine.

XMind 8 Pro has a different feature set and is designed for heavy use by professionals and business people. This version will continue to serve a different audience, so will not be replaced by ZEN. Zen gives you a choice of selecting a theme… …or from a library of templates, where a sample mind map has already been created for you. The templates are all quite different.

For example, here is one that maps out the Porsche voicemail system. Another demonstrates how you can get creative with healthy snacks. And another—that looks more like a table than a mind map—compares iPhone models. Typically, a mind map is structured with a central idea in the center, with related thoughts and topics branching out from there.

Each piece of information is called a node. Your nodes can be structured in a hierarchy to show relationships. Using the keyboard when beginning a new mind map allows you to get your ideas out of your head as quickly as possible, which is perfect for brainstorming. ZEN allows you to create new nodes without touching the mouse. From there, I just need to start typing, and the text is replaced. To finish editing, I just press Enter.

To create a child node, press Tab. So creating mind maps with the keyboard is quite rapid with XMind: There are icons along the top for doing the same with the mouse, as well as a few additional tasks.

For example, you can show a relationship between two nodes by selecting them both using command-click , then clicking the Relationship icon.

Using icons in the top right, you can open a pane to add icons and stickers to a node… …or to format the mind map in various ways. Even the structure of the mind map can be modified so that you can control where topics appear relative to the main idea. My personal take: Mind maps can be created rapidly with XMind: ZEN using just the keyboard—which is crucial when brainstorming—and plenty of formatting options are available.

The themes and templates offered are attractive, and allow you to jump-start your mind map. Create Outlines Mind maps and outlines are very similar: So XMind and a number of other apps allow you to display your mind map as an outline. From here you can add or edit your text, including adding new nodes, indenting and outdenting them, and adding notes.

I regularly use outlining software. The outlining features in XMind: ZEN cover the bases, offer a second way of adding and manipulating information and add extra value to the app. Work Distraction-Free When using mind maps to brainstorm, the free flow of ideas is important. ZEN refers to your ability to deeply concentrate. Our XMind team has focused only on mind mapping software for 12 years now. Part of this strategy is Zen Mode, which allows you to create mind maps distraction-free by making the app full-screen.

A distraction-free mode has become a popular and welcome feature in writing apps. Mind mapping requires a similar amount of creative energy, making distraction-free work valuable. Do More with Your Mind Maps The act of creating a mind map can help you plan out an article or essay, better understand a subject you are studying, or solve a problem.

Here are some ways that XMind: Zen can help you do that. Icons can be useful for tracking progress. The app provides sets of icons that indicate progress on a task, record to whom a task was assigned, or assign a month or day of the week. These can be very useful in project management. For example, I could use icons in my mind map to indicate writing progress. You can add additional information to a mind map by creating notes and attaching files.

Notes pop up over the top of your mind map. Attachments let you link a node to files on your hard drive, and hyperlinks allow you to link a node to a web page or an XMind topic—even another mind map. I added a link to XMind: Mind maps can be useful for ongoing project management and reference.

XMind provides a number of useful project management and reference features, including task-based icons, adding notes and file attachments, and hyperlinks to web pages and mind map nodes. The Pro version adds even more.

Zen allows you to export your mind map to a number of formats:

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Where can I download previous versions of XMind 8? Can I use my license key on another computer? Where can I check previous files? Why XMind 8 activation . XMind 8 is a popular and classic mind mapping tool for over a decade, providing multiple structures and templates, and featured with brainstorming mode. One plan is allowed to run on 2 Macs/PCs and 3 iOS/Android devices. The plan includes XMind: ZEN and XMind for iOS/Android. XMind 8 is not included.

XMind: ZEN Review

Around ten years ago, I discovered mind maps and realized how useful they are when planning and brainstorming. I started with the open source app FreeMind , one of the only apps available at the time. I also found mind mapping on paper to be a quick way to get started on a new article or project. Now I use mind mapping software on both my Mac and iPad.

What is XMind?

The program is capable of handling audio and video tracks in any format that saves a lot of space and time. How to register Sony Vegas Pro. The question persists how you can get this software on your computer.

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To manage complex information and create a clear stream of thoughts, people use mind mapping. XMind is a digital mind mapping application. XMind, a full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool, designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, brings you efficiency both in work and life. Tens of. Amazing brainstorming and mind mapping tool. Productivity. Website · Issues. Get the App. Command line instructions. The Flatpak app is included as part of the.

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